Prepare for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Astra, my oldest daughter, was so excited when we got her a “kitty” for Christmas! She was only seven at the time and had been begging for a cat since she saw the movie Alice in Wonderland! She had been Alice for Halloween for the last two years, she loved that outfit! It was so lovely to see how happy she was upon receiving the little cat. It was a calico cat. Astra appropriately named the cat “Chesire”.

I have to say though, getting a kitten was more of a handful than I had bargained for! I had prepared for the food and routine check ups. It took my husband and I a while to decide where to keep the litter box. Finally we decided, after a few accidents on the carpet, that keeping the litter box on the tile was best. The “kitty” also had very long hair that seemed to just get everywhere! And Chesire thoroughly enjoyed sleeping on all of the furniture!

Late spring of the next year I was preparing to do my annual spring cleaning and I realized that now being the owner of a pet and a child, it was time to invest in cleaning services. The carpets were a wreck from where Astra and Chesire had tracked mud, where Chesire had had accidents when we first got him, and not to mention the hair everywhere! I first looked into carpet cleaning and then realized these companies do much more than just carpet clean!

I was able to even get upholstery cleaning done on the furniture! It only took an afternoon, and I had to be sure to keep the two messy ones out of the house while the carpet was drying, but it was well worth it! The whole house felt fresher! I could not even find where the stains had been by the back door! Ah and how nice it was not having cat hair covering you every time you sat down! The company was even certified green, meaning I did not have to worry about Astra or anyone else in my family breathing in harmful chemicals!

My brother had always loved dogs, and had three huge dogs living in his small living space. He had a Blood Hound, Husky, and a Rottweiler. There was a decent yard for them to play in and my brother would run with them often. During the winter months especially when it was snowing out my brother would let the dogs into the house, and they would track quite a mess in from the muddy snow. I was so impressed with the cleaning services I received, that I recommended to my brother to look into having his house cleaned! He was hesitant until he found out they also can provide pet odor cleaning!

It was so refreshing walking into his town-home and not being suffocated by the smell of “dog”. Also getting the carpets cleaned regularly helped him immensely when he went to move out because the carpets could have been stained beyond repair if he did not have the carpets cleaned regularly. Replacing carpet is expensive, and after using these cleaning services myself I highly recommend them to everyone, especially if they have kids or pets!